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Hey, Everyone!
My name is Asta and I am a Certified Zumba® Fitness Instructor – Basic Steps Level 1, Basic Steps Level 2. I am a Member of Zumba® Instructor Network (ZIN™) made up of the most elite Zumba® instructors from around the world.
I was so excited when I discovered Zumba®, because dancing and working out had always been an important role in my life. I absolutely love Zumba® and love teaching it. Zumba® is a lot of fun and I want to share this experience with everyone.

Zumba® is a fitness program inspired by Latin dance. It was founded by Miami-based dancer and choreographer Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez and two local entrepreneurs: Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion. Zumba® combines Latin and International rhythms with cardiovascular exercise to create an aerobic routine that is fun and easy to follow.

Join my Zumba® Fitness class and you’ll never look back. For that one hour we are all equal, we are all beautiful and we are all strong. Let’s Zumba® because it changes lives!

Our official website zumbasta.com is up and running. There you`ll find all info regarding class scedule and locations, membership details and prices, gallery, videos, contact details and online shop, where you will be able to buy membership.

Visit, join and enjoy Zumba® Fitness with ASTA class!

Zumba® Fitness class
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